Londonfahrt ausgewählter Leistungskurse des HWG

Schülerinnen und Schüler der Leistungskurse von Frau Gediga, Herrn Pick und Herrn Nowak begaben sich, begleitet von Frau Gediga und Herrn Nowak, vom 12. – 18.3.2016 nach London. Es folgt ein Reisebericht:

Day 1 (12.3.2016)

The meeting point was at the Easyjet Terminal at the airport in Schönefeld. The 27 students were all on time, unlike the plane that was delayed by hours. So we arrived in the late afternoon hours. The flight was peaceful and the sky cloudy. After arriving in London Gatwick we went to the hotel by bus. Many people were tired and slept while others looked out the window and realized that the cars drove on the left side (left-hand-traffic). When we arrived, we saw that the ‚Shakespeare Hotel‘ was really well-situated (Burger King and KFC in walking distance) and how many immigrants live in this part of the city.

In this evening everybody had a meal outside the hotel. Many people were surprised because they realized how true the cliché of “the expensive London” is. The average price for pizza, for example, was 9£ (and the pizza was not better than any German frozen pizza for 1,30€).

At 9:45pm we had to meet in the billiard parlor (our standard meeting place). We talked about the day and the following day.

Day 2 (13.3.2016)

We woke up at 6:30am. We went to breakfast and the teachers arranged the next meeting.

On this day we saw many famous buildings (like the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey) and the students began to present their chosen topics. On this day we visited Harrods, ‚an upmarket department store‘ with dress code demands. Later we went to the Speakers’ Corner where we saw people arguing about the meaning of the bible, the Brexit or how the Islam restricts the rights of women.

Later we had some free time to discover the British food culture and to try some regional specialties. The students could choose between many traditional British meals and went to some extraordinary restaurants like Pizza Hut or Subway.

Day 3 (14.3.2016)

On this Monday we went to Buckingham Palace to see the Change of the Guards. The place was very crowded and the event lasted half an hour and showed (the name says it all) the change of the guards of the Buckingham Palace. Later we went to the Picadilly Circus where some students went shopping. Afterwards we went to the British Museum (a giant building exhibiting 94 collections covering a time span of two million years) and then to the BBC Studios where we saw a presentation in which some of us could also participate – a mystery story was recorded with five speakers from the group while another person added sounds.

Day 4 (15.3.2016)

On Tuesday we visited the Docklands (a waterfront of London in which a big portion of London’s trading took place) with the Cutty Sark (a boat). Then we went to the Greenwich Observatory (the location of the prime meridian, situated on a hill outside the city) and then we could explore the surroundings with some street markets. On this day we had a boat trip on the Thames. In the evening we visited a musical called ‚Mathilda‘.

Day 5 (16.3.2016)

On this Wednesday we had to wake up earlier because we went to the NewVIc sixth from college, our partner school located in the outskirts which tourists mostly do not visit (East London, Borough of Newham). We were received very cordially by some of the teachers – Christine and Prince – and some of Christine’s students who enrolled in a German course. We exchanged some information about life in Germany and England and enjoyed some beverages and food that had been prepared for us. Also, the principal of the school, Eddie Playfair, came around to introduce us to the English school system and explain some more things about NewVIc. Thank you kindly!

The NewVIc students guided us around the school and the area. Many shops had written their names and ads in Arabic, because of the high migrant quote, and sold things we had never seen before.

Day 6 (17.3.2016)

This was the last day. We visited the Shakespeare Globe Theatre where a rhetorically gifted man gave a presentation about the past of the theatre. We went to the Millennium- and the Tower Bridge later on. In the afternoon we went to a gigantic museum called ‚Tate Modern‘. The last place which we visited as a group on this trip was the South Bank, a rather hip area with a great variety of restaurants and cultural offerings. After that we went to the hotel and everybody had to prepare for the flight on the next day.

Day 7 (18.3.2016)

In the morning everybody was tired and confused because we had to leave early – before sunrise. The people I shared my room with began to pack up at 3am, five minutes before we had to meet at the billiard parlour. Many people slept on the way to the airport. The flight was on time and we had nearly no problems, only one student lost his ticket while buying a sandwich, but again, no problem which could not be handled by our teachers.

Arriving in Berlin at 11am everybody was tired and said goodbye.


Special thanks to our teachers and everybody who made this trip possible, we are very thankful, greets to Olawale and very special thanks to Ms. Gediga and Mr. Nowak.